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Voodoo Love Spells That Work

Performed by a voodoo priest or a houngan, voodoo love spells are rituals that allow you to attract love into your life. Thanks to such practices, you will be able to reconnect with an ex-partner, a lover and even have the marriage that you have been so promised.
Absolutely, all love rituals work and this poses no danger to the subject contrary to popular belief. However, be sure you want to bring your ex-boyfriend or other back into your life before you think about performing voodoo love spells. If you are interested in this category of magic, you have come to the right place.

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What is a voodoo love spell?

The voodoo love spell is nothing but rituals practiced by a voodoo priest commonly called a Houngan which helps to rekindle the flame between two people. These may or may not already be separated. You can also use the voodoo love spell if you have met a man or woman with whom you want to spend the rest of your life.

The voodoo love spell must be performed by a voodoo priest with Hougan status or not. He is the spiritual leader of the voodoo religion. It is he who is responsible for organizing the ceremonies; whether for love rituals or any other categories of rites. Her female counterpart is the Bambo. The latter use the power of Loa (spirits of the voodoo religion) to destroy the many obstacles that block love between two people.

For this to be possible, the voodoo performer asks for either Damballah's favor or Ayida Wedo's. Damballah is the voodoo spirit of goodness, fruitfulness and knowledge. As for Ayida Wedo, it is the goddess Iwa of the sky, clouds and storms. It is a sign of wealth, happiness and luck.

How do voodoo love spells work?

For voodoo love spells to work, a number of material and physical components must necessarily come into play. For example, the voodoo performer will need the photograph of the person the spell is intended for. In addition to the photo, he may also need personal items belonging to the person concerned.

The more important the object is to the subject, the more powerful the effects of the love spell. Most of the time, the effects of a love spell materialize in the form of an amulet when personal items are used.

It is also common for the performer to give you a potion that must be administered to the subject for the effects of the love spell to take effect. Whoever casts the spell must make sure the subject ingests the potion. It can be used to prepare food or drink. Only the subject will have to consume the drink or eat the dish that will be cooked.

Once the potion is ingested, the return of affection is almost instantaneous. If the subject had a certain aversion to you, this will disappear. She will gradually start to develop affection for you and feelings will eventually arise. It's up to you to charm the person even more.

Note that the forms a spell takes depends mostly on the Houngan or Mambo who cast the spell. If it is only the photograph of the subject that you have, the Houngan will take care of transmitting vibrations to the place of the subject so that he sees you differently in the future.

Even if the subject is at a significant distance, be aware that the final effects of the spell will occur. It is also necessary to clarify that voodoo love spells are safe to interest him. No side effects will be observed in the long term.

Consider strengthening your voodoo love spell from time to time if you don't want the effects to wear off in no time. For a voodoo love spell to work as it should, you need to erect an altar to the place of the voodoo spirits or deities. You should make offerings from time to time to the deities who made the spell successful.

Your offering can be fruits, flowers, incense, animals, perfumes, etc. You can also put on the altar the sculpture or images of a couple who are in a loving embrace. Be careful not to perform voodoo love spells with voodoo wizards. The latter do not respect the rules and even less the precepts of voodoo.

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Why are voodoo love spells effective?

Voodoo love spells are effective simply because a large portion of them use energy. Indeed, everything that exists in this world is energy and man is the being that releases the most energy.

One who goes through voodoo love spells only performs a simple energetic manipulation to change the course of a love situation. Since a change in our energy can lead to both happy and disastrous events, only a person who has mastered the rituals of ruptures can intervene.

Unfortunately, it's one thing to cast a love spell and quite another to ward it off. Breaking a voodoo love spell is not so easy in some situations and only voodoo priests have this secret. The problem is that real voodoo priests are becoming increasingly rare and the real secrets are lost or buried in books.

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Why are voodoo love spells different from other magic?

Voodoo love spells are different from other magic simply because they are performed specifically for a given need. This is because voodoo love spells are only used for emotional issues and those related to the heart. If you have a desire to attract love into your life, you can always take part in such rituals.

At the same time, if you want your ex-partner back to you, love spells are also welcome. Voodoo love spells refer to red magic. It is actually a kind of white magic.

When comparing this form of magic to other magic that exists, the difference is clearly noticed. White magic refers to a set of processes. Most of the time, these techniques are ritualized and allow the creation of situations that can influence the destiny of an individual or his behavior.

With white magic, for example, we can solve a lot of problems in the life of an individual. Whether financially, professionally, you can go through white magic to be lucky in business and to be able to find a job... If you have also been bewitched, white magic can help you overcome this problem. Note that there are spell-breaking rituals that you can practice to overcome all kinds of spells. White magic can also grant you some protection against spells.

Black magic, on the other hand, is used to destroy a person's life. We can go through black magic to destroy a person's career, business, love life, health. It is magic that is driven by desires for revenge.

In short, red magic (voodoo love spells) can only solve emotional problems while other magic can intervene in all kinds of situations that men experience.

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How to perform voodoo love spells?

It all depends on the voodoo love spell in question. However, as mentioned above, remember that voodoo love spells are performed by Houngan voodoo priests or by Mambos. It is the latter who communicate with voodoo spirits so that love can find its way between two individuals.

For the spells to be cast and for communication to be perfectly established between the Houngan and the spirits, an object or a photo belonging to the individual for whom the spell is intended must be present. With one of its elements, the Houngan performs a quality love spell on you and happiness will knock at your door.

11 Ingredients Used to Perform Voodoo Love Spells

To perform love spells, there are a number of ingredients that are frequently used. Among the latter are voodoo fetishes, voodoo statuettes and dolls, plants, incantations, animal sacrifice. There are also clothes, name and surnames, photos, pacts, amulets and geomancy that are used. Each of its elements plays a vital role in performing a voodoo love spell.

1- Voodoo fetishes

Taking the case of voodoo fetishes, these help to attract a supernatural entity. In the case of love spells, it happens that rituals are addressed to voodoo fetishes with the aim of attracting their favor so that the union is possible.

Although voodoo love spells are effective, it is not uncommon for it not to work on certain individuals. Making offerings to implore the blessing of certain voodoo fetishes can help you make possible what was not possible.

If you intend to resort to voodoo fetishes, it is important that you seek advice from a Houngan. If there are prohibitions that you must respect, do your best not to deviate from these rules. If you don't, the consequences could be dramatic.

2- Statuettes and dolls

Aside from voodoo fetishes, voodoo statuettes and dolls are also used for practicing voodoo love spells. First of all, remember that voodoo dolls or statuettes are nothing more than figurines that are similar to human morphology.

Voodoo dolls can be made from burlap and statuettes are made from twigs or pieces of wood. These can serve as an energy catalyst. In other words, they can play the role of energy container. It can also serve as receptacles when invoking supernatural forces.

Voodoo dolls are sometimes the centerpiece of voodoo love spells. Voodoo priests and priestesses manage to channel the energy of the subject to whom you wish to lace the love spell. This is done either by a hair or by a photo of the subject. It is on the doll that the rituals are performed and this is immediately noticeable on the person for whom the spell is intended.

In no time, if the woman or the man you were interested in did not see in you the ideal companion or companion, he/she will very quickly change his mind. The voodoo doll apart from love spells can be used for healing, success, protection...

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3- Plants

In truth, plants animate voodoo. The plants of nature have virtues and each of them is endowed with a certain divine power. Since the dawn of time, plants have nourished and cared for human beings.

Alone, they may not be of much use in voodoo rituals, but once brought together and combined they turn out to be excellent ingredients. There are plants that naturally help to ward off rather evil spells.

At the same time, some voodoo fetishes draw their power from the assembly of several plant species. Moreover, the use of plants in voodoo is not new. When performing voodoo love spells, the plants also act so that the love spells are successful.

There is, for example, verbena which is used in certain love rituals. Basil is also one of the plants that can also be used in voodoo love spells. It is a plant that naturally causes understanding, sympathy between two individuals. There are plenty of divination rituals between relationships with basil that lets you know if your romantic relationship is lasting or not...

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4- Incantations

Basically, incantations are nothing more than specific phrases or formulas that are recited in order to have magical results. In form, incantations are much closer to mantras or prayers. These are not mere words. Voodoo priests and priestesses regularly use it during voodoo rituals.

These are flattering words for the voodoo spirits so that they can grant their blessing for the proper functioning of the rituals. Whether for voodoo love spells or for other spells, the Houngan or the Mambo must make incantations.

5- Pacts with the spirits

Voodoo love spells sometimes require alliances with spirits. Among the many spirits that exist in the voodoo universe, it is recommended to make an alliance with the goddess Mami wata for spells related to love.

Goddess Mami wata also grants wealth, health, beauty and happiness to her followers. If you decide to make a pact with this goddess so that you can have love in your life, you owe her total reverence.

For this purpose, you must dedicate a room to him which must be perfectly decorated. On the altar which is created in his effigy, there must be mirrors, perfumes, delicacies, ornaments. With the queen of the waters, respect for the rules is the basis.

If you decide to pledge allegiance to her or if you decide to make an alliance with her, you must inevitably respect her prohibitions. Only a true initiate can allow you to perform the rituals necessary to make a true alliance with this goddess.

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6- Animals for sacrifices

Even in the biblical scriptures there is mention of animal sacrifices. In the Old Testament, in order for the Creator to forgive human sin on earth, animals had to be sacrificed.

Indeed, the sacrificed animals were simply used as a substitute. In other words, the animals would die instead of the sinner. It was a kind of offering that was addressed to the creator for the forgiveness of sins.

In the world of voodoo, no ritual is performed without the sacrifice of an animal. These are mostly offerings that the Houngan makes to a fetish to benefit from its favors or its blessing.

In some situations, animal sacrifice is necessary for voodoo love spells. If the partner you want to attract into your life is not meant for you, such an offering can make things easier. However, be careful not to want to upset the natural order of things at the risk of not being exposed to the wrath of nature.

Animal sacrifices can also play a role in performing voodoo love spells when there are so many obstacles standing in the way of you being with the love of your life. Sacrificing animals to a voodoo fetish is an excellent alternative to this problem.

7- Clothes

Apart from voodoo dolls, statuettes, animal sacrifice, it is also possible to use the clothes of the loved one to perform a voodoo love spell. Clothes are personal items and since love spells require such things, it is obvious that the spell will be more powerful.

Indeed, the garment is always in contact with its owner. The latter has the habit of sweating or even leaving natural secretions inside. On a metaphysical level, it is said that the garment carries a part of our soul.

Taking the clothes of the one with whom you wish to have a romantic relationship to perform love spells is an excellent thing. The effect will be felt fairly quickly by the loved one, but it will be up to you to do the rest to be able to win her over.

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8- Surnames and first names

Apart from clothes, first and last names are also among the essentials for casting a voodoo love spell. The reason is very simple. From your birth, your last name and the first names given to you by your parents are in a way your identifiers.

Thanks to your first names, it is possible to identify you and if a person calls you by your first or last name, you will be able to know whether or not the individual is addressing you. With voodoo love spells, all rituals will be done in your name and your first names. All combined with the first and last names of the one who wishes to perform such a spell.

By doing so, the effect is direct. Also, the voodoo master who must perform the spell must make some consultations with the fetishes. This will allow him to know if your union is possible or not with the person who bears the name and first name. Some voodoo priests will also ask you for the subject's date of birth. All this contributes to the effectiveness of the love spell that will be cast.

9- Pictures

Sure, first and last names are important, but you can also go through photos to perform a voodoo love spell. This is a fairly common practice that is effective when you go about it the right way.

There are many rituals that you will find with the use of the photo, but not all of them are truthful and reliable. It is up to you to sort out which one is the right one. You can also seek advice from Houngan or a Mambo who is knowledgeable in this area.

If you cannot perform the spell yourself, it is possible that all the rituals are done by a voodoo master on your behalf. Hence the need to refer to a reference on the subject. Note that the photo to be used must be a fairly recent photo. At the same time, it is essential that only the interested party is found in the photo.

If there are several people in the photo and you perform a love spell, everyone in the photo is likely to fall under your spell. The photo is an essential ingredient simply because there is nothing better to capture the astral energy of an individual.

10- Amulets

Originally, amulets are used to overcome actions, harmful spells that come from the evil eye. It's kind of a lucky charm for a lot of people. To find the love of his life, it is possible to use the amulets.

If you are lucky enough to find the amulet of the subject you wish to attract into your life, from the rituals it is possible to cast a spell on the amulet. Once the subject wears the amulet, they will begin to develop sympathy towards you.

By using this way, the voodoo love spell you performed may not be lasting. The effects of the spell may fade once the subject loses the amulet. You can also see a voodoo priest so that he can make you an amulet that can help you attract the love of your life. There are all kinds.

11- African geomancies

Thinking about associating African geomancies with love spells will benefit you. Thanks to African geomancy, you will easily know if the person you want to attract into your life from a love spell is the one for you.

Consulting the Fa can confirm this for you. The priest of the Fa will haphazardly throw cowries, or pebbles on a given surface. An interpretation of the figures left by the jet of cowries or pebbles will be given to you.

Geomancy is not only used to find out if the person you want is compatible with your person. You can also go through a consultation of the Fa to learn a little more about the obstacles that undermine your life, for example, and that prevent you from succeeding on several levels. Whether financially, professionally or otherwise, thanks to geomancy you will be able to know what fate has in store for you.

There are many people who claim to be seasoned masters of geomancy. Be on your guard and don't be fooled by sweet talk. Be realistic, or seek advice from a friend or acquaintance who consults often to direct you to a good Fa priest.

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5 Best Very Powerful Voodoo Love Spells To Perform

There are many voodoo love spells. Among these last figures the one made with a voodoo doll. There is also the one made with the sacred iroko wood, with the photo, with honey and the one made from geomancy. Note for each of these spells, there are a multitude of rituals that exist.

1- Voodoo doll

Do you think you have found your soul mate, but unfortunately the latter does not see you with the same eye as you do? Know that thanks to the voodoo love spell you can have him/her and he/she will fall madly in love with you. To perform this ritual, you don't really need a Houngan. You can perform this ritual while at home.

To do this ritual, you need a voodoo doll. You can make one yourself. Do not forget to incorporate an object (hair, photo, nails...) belonging to the subject to bewitch. Before moving on to the rite that will allow feelings to be born in the heart of the subject for you, know that the love spell made with a voodoo doll is extremely difficult to break. If after thinking about it you want to continue, then follow its steps to the letter. Go to a secluded corner in your home. Light white candles and have lavender sticks handy. Indeed, just like verbena, lavender is also a plant that you can use during love rituals.

While having the voodoo doll in front of you, focus and give your full attention to the one you have feelings for. Once you have its image clear and sharp in your mind, take a red-headed pin and stick it in the area where the heart is supposed to stay. Once done, you must pronounce a formula. It differs from one individual to another, but if you want an example here is how this said formula looks.

"I (your first name), I call you and I claim your presence at this precise moment (mention the name of the subject), my love, my beloved. By virtue of the power of the 4 elements of nature, I command that your heart be filled with sincere love for me. We will be a couple for the rest of our lives. So be it".

After stating this formula, light the lavender stick and hold the doll in your hands. It must be held above the scented smoke. When the room is totally saturated with the scent of lavender, start describing to your partner how you see your life together in the future. Once this step is complete, store the doll in a place where no one can find it and under no circumstances remove the pin that is stuck in its heart.

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2- Voodoo love spells with photo

For this spell, the photo is an indispensable element. Make sure you have a clear and sharp photo of the subject. In the photo, the person concerned must be absolutely alone. If you find such a photo then you need to gather the rest of the ingredients needed to perform this love spell.

In addition to the photo, you will need a glass of water, white or red candles, honey and matches. To do this ritual, you must inevitably wait for a new moon evening. To perform this spell, light the candles and take your glass of water. Fill it up to ¾. Then add 3 tablespoons of honey. Take the photo of the subject and insert it into the glass of water until it is fully immersed.

Make sure the subject's head is down at the bottom of the glass. Place the glass on a table in front of you and repeat three times in a row "Honey, honey, honey, universal sweetener, sweeten and soothe the heart and mind of (the name of the subject) towards me so that she will love me d an unconditional love.

You keep the glass and its contents at the bedside of your bed for a period of 9 successive days. Once the time has elapsed, repeat the formula and empty the glass of its contents. You can repeat if you want, but know that the person concerned will show a gesture of love towards you the few days following the end of the ritual.

3- Love spells with sacred iroko wood statuette

Love spells with sacred iroko wood statuette are one of the most formidable spells, because the iroko is considered to be a magic tree. The details of performing such a love spell are a secret held by Houngans and voodoo masters. Given how powerful this love spell is, you need to approach a Houngan or Voodoo Priest to perform it.

4—Voodoo love spells with honeypot

With a honey love spell, you will be able to conquer your soul mate or attract love into your life. To perform this spell, start by writing your name and that of the subject 7 times on a piece of paper on a sheet. It could be your ex or even a new conquest. It's for you to see.

Then put the paper on which the names are written on a plate. This plate should only be used for this circumstance. To keep the paper from blowing away, solidify it using candle wax. The candle must imperatively be prepared by a Houngan or by a Voodoo priest.

In the same plate, put the candle and cover it with honey. Then light the candle and say your wishes. When finished, you just have to let the candle burn out completely. Throw the residue and the plate in the trash.

5— Voodoo love spells with ADAMA geomancy sign

Just like the love spell made from sacred iroko wood, the ritual of the one with the geomancy sign ADAMA is also a well-kept secret by Fâ priests and voodoo masters. If you want to experience eternal love with your loved one, this is the spell for you. Then get closer to a real Fâ priest to perform this spell.

Who can use voodoo love spells?

Anyone who is having trouble in love can use voodoo love spells. If you want your ex to come back to you, you can use love spells. You want your fiancé to ask you in marriage, you can use love spells. Here are the situations in which the use of a voodoo love spell is recommended:

Voodoo spells to get your ex and your lover back?

You broke up a while ago, but you can't get over your ex? Do you want to experience true love and one of your friends has an effect on you? If so, you can perform love spells to rekindle the flame between you and your ex and to attract your lover into your life.

Voodoo spells for marriage

Your companion has promised you so much marriage and he is not taking any steps. Do you see your friends getting married and living happily together and you wonder when it's your turn? It's time to stop complaining and take action. Practice a voodoo spell for marriage and you will see how your spouse will rush to put the ring on your fingers.

Voodoo spells for reconciliation

Are you at odds with your partner, but you still love him and you want to live a romantic idyll again? There are voodoo spells relating to reconciliation that you can perform to make your reconciliation a reality. Ask a Houngan for advice and you will have the details to practice this type of ritual.

Voodoo spells to make someone madly in love with themselves

You are madly in love with someone around you, but they only see you as a simple friend and you would like that to change. If you so desire, you can perform voodoo rituals to make him fall madly in love with you. Honey love spells can help you. You can also use spells related to a voodoo doll.

Marriage Spells

Voodoo spells to bring back a lover

You ended up accepting your place as mistress and overnight your lover tells you that you have to end the relationship when you don't want to? If so, make an appointment with a voodoo master so that he can tell you what ritual can help you bring your lover back to you. Indeed, it is not the spells that are missing.

Voodoo spell to make someone fall in love with you

If you want someone to fall in love with you, it's time to use magic through a voodoo spell to make it happen. Carefully follow the recommendations of the voodoo master and you will see that the person you want falls in love with you will.

Obsession Spells

Do you have the most beautiful woman, or the most beautiful man and he/she is constantly being hit on? Are you afraid that he will leave you for a more beautiful woman or for a wealthier or more handsome/beautiful man than you? Know that there is a very simple solution to your problem. Perform an obsession spell on your partner and you will see how obsessively he will love you. He can no longer do without you. You can be sure of that.

Benefits of Using Voodoo Love Spells to Solve Love Related Problems

There are many benefits that come with using love spells. Know that thanks to love spells you have the opportunity:

Tips for Getting Results with Voodoo Love Spells

Just because you performed a voodoo love spell doesn't mean you were going to think that the woman or man of your life will fall into your arms without you making the slightest effort. You will have to have good behavior, take care of your appearance, have a positive state of mind and of course have realistic expectations.

1- Behavior

After practicing a love spell, do not think that the one you want will be in your arms overnight. The spell will arouse feelings in him/her, but it will be up to you to show charm so that he/she falls completely in love. Be kind to the person concerned. Have the attitude of a gentleman and be attractive. All of these things make the spell stronger.

2- Appearance

Also remember to take care of your appearance. All women like men who are well dressed, clean, who play sports and who know how to take care of themselves. At the same time, men love women who know how to show off. It's one thing to do a love ritual, but you have to stack the odds in your favor for it to work.

3- Positive mindset

A positive state of mind is also important for the spell to work. You cannot want one thing and its opposite at the same time. Once you perform a love spell, you must believe that your desires will come true. By having a positive state of mind, you communicate even more energy to the spell which will make it more powerful.

4- Realistic expectation

It is true that you have performed a love ritual, but do not expect the effects to be noticed overnight for the subject to fall in love. It will be a process and it is up to you to do the rest of the way so that the spell can show you its full power.

How long does a voodoo love spell last?

Red magic is not an exact science. It would therefore be difficult to give a given number of days for a voodoo love spell to work. Be aware that the effects of a voodoo love spell can be observed after 1 day. This can also be observed after 7, 15, 30 and even 60 days. It is up to you to have a possible mindset, because what you believe in will undoubtedly come true in time.

Are love spells risky?

There is really no risk in using a love spell. As long as you have good intentions and you do not use black magic, to perform your love spell, know that the subject runs no risk.


Do love spells really work?

Love spells do work, but if you're not compatible don't expect the spell to work forever. At some point, the spell may break naturally, because no one goes against nature.

In how many days do love spells work?

Love spells can work for an eternity or they can work just for a few days.

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