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Are you looking for an African Voodoo priest, serious, honest and able to help you? First of all, thank you for browsing my site. If you are on this page, it is because you probably need me to intervene to help you or to enlighten you. You are faced with problems that sadden you and no one around you has been able to solve and this is probably the right time to try another way. Contact me to tell me about it, ask me your questions ... and I will give you an answer and solutions in return. Through my connection to the spirits of the ancestors I put my magic powers and voodoo into play to support your projects, fulfill your wishes and solve your problems.

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My basic services

I use a mixture of white magic, black magic, voodoo powers to help you solve your problems.
With more than 40 years of experience, I guarantee absolute success.

Discovering the African African voodoo priest CODANTO ready vodoun CODANTO

You have a man strongly anchored in the African tradition in general and particularly in the realities of Benin. In fact, you are not unaware that Benin is and remains the cradle of voodoo. This state of affairs is due, among other things, to the presence of guardians of the tradition. The voodoo priest CODANTO is one of these guards. This assumes that the mystical knowledge he holds is still authentic and gives spectacular results. No problem can stand up to him because he has several strings to his bow to perform the rituals. Moreover, the voodoo priest CODANTO is a famous clairvoyant African voodoo priest CODANTO. He has inherited this faculty from his parents and he is able to make you out of the ordinary revelations and solve all kinds of problems.

Some areas of intervention of your African Marabou vodoun priest

Your diviner has specialized in many areas. For example, men and women with emotional problems are invited to speak to this great spiritual master. In fact, the difficulties of each other to meet the soul mate are regulated magnificently. The return of affection, that is to say, the return of the beloved is also one of the strengths of your African voodoo priest CODANTO. On the other hand, the vodoun priest is really comfortable to solve your professional worries like unemployment or the desire of promotion, evolution of your business, to avoid a dismissal ... On the other hand, your fetishist medium offers you remarkable benefits when you suffer from diseases, like sexual impotence.

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My gift, my clairvoyance skills African voodoo priest CODANTO

My very powerful gift allows me to practice many occult arts: African voodoo priest CODANTOage, clairvoyance, mediumship. I am also a healer and a Voodoo wizard. My main specialty is solving sentimental issues, promulgating rituals, as well as bringing you happiness and luck in your life. I am also very talented in the family and professional field. I work with everyone without distinction of sex, race, religion. My discretion is matched only by my professionalism.


The results I got for my patients are always positive. I am recognized by my peers as one of the greatest clairvoyants and psychics of the last 20 years. Indeed, by consulting me you have almost 100% chance of success! My notoriety begins to be publicized. I made interventions for famous people (the deontology obliges me obviously to silence their names). Among them, some singers come to see me regularly; we are friends today.

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Clients Testimonials

Many people use my skills every day and are generally very satisfied with the results, their testimonials,
opinions and evaluations that she lets me prove.

"My name is Brigitte, great is my joy to share with you, my experience, indeed my husband has left the marital home for several months following a small argument that we had had leaving my two children in my care. I made contact with the African voodoo priest CODANTO which I found the contacts on the Forums. I was pleasantly surprised by my husband's return 3 days after the rituals performed by the clairvoyant African voodoo priest CODANTO Medium for me"

Spells for Money

Brigitte Coulih

"The African voodoo priest CODANTO is great, he feels what we feel. He says things as they are, this African voodoo priest CODANTO does not take people from elsewhere to say but his frankness is a quality because he always tells us the right things. He really saw the problem and helped me find the solution."

Love Spells

Richard Johanson

"I met a master African voodoo priest CODANTO thanks to a colleague who had already tried with him. Thanks to this Witness Witch Doctor, My wife came home after 5 days of magic work, I was disemboweled I am no longer sterile He healed me, I resumed my work and everything is back in order ."

Romance Spells

Carlos Eventh

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My goal is to offer you concrete and reliable solutions to the problems that concern you. I personally monitor each file and am present at your side to support you the time needed to resolve your requests.

Marriage Spells

My work remotely

As far as remote work is concerned, I mainly work through whatsapp and email, thanks to the photos and dates of birth that are provided to me. I decided to save you the consultations by phone, which, in my opinion, can avoid you unpleasant surprises (premium rate number).

I do most of my work remotely, because space and time are not a limit to effective spells. From my experience, I was able to demonstrate that the results are the same as working directly in the person. By the way, I answer personally and every day, usually, in less than 24 hours. All requests are studied, but I reserve the right to grant or not my help (I only deal with situations with the best possible results).

My rates

I propose affordable rates that allow anyone, regardless of their social background, to benefit from my work. My work is fast with absolute result. I am very discreet with my clients and everything that happens at home is confidential. I never divulge information about my clients.

Many people use my skills every day and are generally very satisfied with the results, their testimonials, opinions and evaluations that she lets me prove.

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