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Spells for Love

Priest Codanto

All the magic of love should be done on Friday, which is the day of Venus. Venus is the goddess of love. Before this spell, mediate and write a letter of intent (your purpose). The spell of love has immense power which is not harmful but is to strengthen the relationship and whether this love is kept by two people together or not. With my effective love spells that work, you are guaranteed that you can make your dream come true. If your partner is ignoring your relationship and treating you like the other option, now is the time to prioritize him and your relationship over your own and love mantra that works fast.

Daily confirmation

Looking in the mirror and reciting your spell every morning and evening will help bring love. This will attract a partner who is at your level. Tell the universe that you deserve and deserve love every day.

Bath magic

With Himalayan salt, a slice of cinnamon, a drop of honey, hibiscus, and rose petals, you can make the ultimate bath to open your heart to love. Put rose quartz on your heart cycle to heal and strengthen your brain. Think for 15 minutes about the ideal partner or relationship you want to bring during the bath. Also, play some romantic melodies to bring out the magical mood.

Candles spell to attract love or a lover

Using a pink candle, set aside your name and astrology symbol. Then, on the other hand, the name of your loved ones and the astrological sign. Add rose oil along with some rose petals outside the candle. Also, add a drop of jasmine, honeysuckle, gardenia, ginger, and oregano oil. You can add pink or red glitter to the candle for decoration, which Venice will like. After that, light the candle and let it burn until the fire goes out.

Honey jar

Write the name of your crush on a piece of paper and put their name on the honey clock. Within a week or two, they may like you.

Find a dream lover

Make a sachet with sage, rose petals, lavender, pomegranate seeds, and pink or clear quartz crystals. Put them all in a cello bag and keep them under your bed or pillow when you sleep for two weeks. As a result, you will be attracted to your ideal "dream" boyfriend.


Are you looking for more love and affection in your life? If so, this magic of love can suit your needs! A piece of paper, a red ink pen, a bunch of rose petals, and a small red candle.

•    Light a candle
•    Pay attention to the smoke rising from the red candle.
•    Take a piece of paper and write in-depth about what you want in your romantic life.
•    As the candle melts, dip the pen in the wax. Let some of it be dribbled on a piece of paper.
•    To spell these words: "Goddess Venus, I call on your name as soon as I want to join my life ___. If I love them, they will love me."


For this magic of love, you will need the following: Picture of your desired lover, blue and red candles, and rosewood incense.

•    Wait until Monday and prioritize the start of the lunar cycle somewhere.
•    Light a blue candle for luck and a red candle for love.
•    If possible, burn some rose incense to prepare your mind for the magic of love.
•    Now, facing the image of your desired lover, kneel before him and say: "With the guidance of the stars, I want to love you."
•    Meditate in one position for at least fifteen minutes, just focus on your goal.

Rose petals spell for those who love

It's one of my favorite love spells because it's so easy and the ingredients aren't easy to find. For this magic of love, all you need is a rose petal and a source of running water (it could be a little river or ocean, but it could sink). Start seeing someone who has all the qualities of your perfect partner. Now take the rose petals and throw them into the water while walking, while saying loudly: "When this rose grows towards the sea, I will truly love". Repeat at least twice, until you see your ideal lover. Also, make sure that the rose petals are thrown into the water so that the river is moving towards them. It is a sign of a new lover coming to you. So, get ready :).

Love spell to bring back love

Do you want to bring back your ex? Here's an easy and free love spell to bring your boyfriend back! Before you start, you will need a fresh lemon, a small piece of paper (preferably pink), and a length of red yarn or ribbon.
•    Write your name and your ex's name on pink paper.
•    Cut the lemons in half.
•    Fold the paper and make sure the names are touching.
•    Place the paper between two lemon slices (like a sandwich).
•    Wrap the red ribbon around the lemons and place the "sandwich" together.
•    In doing all the above, think about reuniting yourself and your former back and how happy you will be.
•    Finally, put a little "sandwich" behind the freezer (so that it is hidden from your roommates / other people) and wait a month.

Loves spell for the love from the heart

We'll end this list of simple, free love spells with a simple love that you can cast without using ingredients. Start by drawing a heart shape with your hands. Now start looking at your perfect lover and relationship and shout or say out loud: "Bring my desired love, thank you for listening to me". You can perform your love spells at any time, but it will be more powerful if you do so during the full moon.

What to do after a love spell?

After casting the spell of love, one more thing needs to be done: be patient and believe that you have set things in motion. It may take some time for your wish to come true. After casting your spell, your intentions will find the best way to reach your destination. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. So, you should give it some time and space.

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