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Protection and disengagement spells

If red magic is primarily concerned with feelings and sexuality, white magic is a set of techniques used for positive or preventive purposes. Thanks to her, it is possible to change one's destiny by becoming rich (money spells), by making sure to keep in shape (health spells), by guaranteeing a radiant professional future (professional spells) but also by protecting others (protection spells).

Do you feel that luck is leaking you? Are your professional projects going down for no apparent reason? You have the impression that money is coming out faster than it comes home? All your businesses seem doomed to fail? Your health problems struggle to improve or even get worse? Disputes are an integral part of your daily life? Negative waves have important repercussions on the lives of individuals. If you want to clean up a house full of negative energies, if you're looking for a magic spell that can protect you like a shield, the evil eye and its pernicious effects, or if you're trapped in some evil spellbinding and your state requires a disembowel, white magic can through its purifying rituals get rid of the negative vibrations that revolve around you and that poison your existence.

When to use a protection spell

First of all, it's good to know that there are different protection spells. My spells of protection are made not to undergo the spell of which you are victim but also to protect you against many negative acts emanating from others such as can be the jealousy, the contempt or the verbal attacks. Only usable, these spells of protection will avoid many problems in your everyday life. Note that other white magic spells can more specifically protect a person around you or a house.

Peace Spells

Why do a protection ritual and protection spell ?

  • Protect your person

  • Protect another person

  • Protect a place

  • Protect an object

It can help us harmonize our lives, manage energies that can interfere with us or a place. This is a very requested spell, we often feel the need to protect ourselves, especially the hypersensitive people, with strong empathy, who feel the energies, or when we practice rituals Wiccan, witchcraft or shamanic trips. I strongly urge you, just like purification, to use protection to accompany you in your practice. Beyond protecting yourself, it will help you develop your faculties, meditation for example.

Some protection spells

  • fate for disengagement of property

  • spell to unload the places

  • spell for uninviting person

  • spell for personal protection

  • spell to protect another person

  • fate to protect his house

  • Protect children with magic and spirituality

  • release spell and clean up places

  • spell for the release of bad spells and sorcery

  • fate against jealousy and evil eye

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