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Protection spells and cancel spell

Is someone watching you with envy and jealousy? It is possible that this person is attacking you on many levels. This person can attack you with spells that can destroy your family, your job, your relationship, your life etc... This malevolent look can then destabilize your whole being. You become a magnet for bad luck. The effects of these spells are sometimes harmful and regrettable. The goal is to take away what you are jealous of. It is then recommended to protect yourself from spiritual or natural attacks by voodoo protection spells.

What is a protection spell?

A protection spell is a ritual that allows one to contact the world of the invisible, the world of the ancestors, the world of the spirits and the gods to ask for their protection and good graces. This ritual allows the bewitched person to have joy and peace of heart again. Voodoo protection spells take many forms and their functions differ from one to another.

Role and benefits of a voodoo protection spell

Among the most commonly used spells, there are voodoo protection spells. Voodoo protection spells are mostly used to purify objects, houses and people by removing all forms of negative energies and harmful problems from the being for a healthy environment. They are also used to finish with the gossips, the rumors, the thieves, the sexual aggressions, the jealous and the dishonest ones of our living environment.

Peace Spells

8 best voodoo spells: the most powerful.

Voodoo protection spells are presented in various forms. You will choose the spell according to its field of action and your intuition. When you are attracted by a voodoo protection spell, in most cases it is because its usefulness will bring you something important for your well-being. Here is the list of the 8 best voodoo spells that exist:

  • 1- The protection bath;

  • 2- Scarification of protection;

  • 3- Amulets of protection;

  • 4- Soap of protection;

  • 5- Ring of protection;

  • 6- Voodoo fetishes for protection;

  • 7- Incantations of protection;

  • 8- Protection against witchcraft.

1- The protective bath

The protection bath is a protective purification bath that uses water, the air element (perfume extracts) and some ingredients to protect oneself and change the vibratory rate of the aura of a person who feels threatened. This bath aims to protect you from the attacks accumulated until now and also allows you to manifest a powerful force against all enemies. Thanks to this bath you will keep away from you the evil eye, curses etc. ....

Bath procedure

  • 201 leaves of the plant Sida acuta

  • 41 leaves of hyssop

  • One local chicken egg

  • One old African broom

  • A pod of Guinea peppers

  • Canaries or clay pot


  1. - Between 11am and 1pm of any day, take the leaves and put them in a canary or clay pot and put inside the egg, add maximum water, boil well until the egg is well cooked.
  2. - Once off the fire and warm, take the egg with your left hand then stand on the broom and remove the shell of the egg and eat the egg while calling the name of your biological mother, make thanks and praise her, thank her for having given birth to you!
  3. - (Keep the egg shell jealously)
  4. - Then pour the contents of the pot including the leaves into your bath bucket, then go and take your bath without soap or sponge, while spanking your wishes back to the sender then let the water dry.
  5. - At the end of the bath, will take the shells of the egg including a pod of Guinea pepper. Burned well in the fire, crush then to obtain a fine powder.
  6. - Every morning before going to your duties, eat a little of this powder.
  7. - The first bath must be taken before midnight. If it is a multiple bath, the persons concerned must take the bath successively from the oldest to the youngest.
  8. - Make sure you have clean clothes to wear after the bath.
  9. - With your small container, pour the preparation on your body in several times, starting with the head and ending with the feet. Accompany the movement with a purifying intention.

2- Protective scarification

These are small incisions made on the skin or on the mucous membranes using various objects (blade, knife, scalpel, etc.) to produce a flow of blood in order to introduce certain medicinal products into the epidermis. The incisions at the level of the joints allow to fight against rheumatism, those on the body would be protections against bad spells and spirits. It is a way to have the protection of the ancestors and the spirits.

Carrying out scarification

  1. - Take a well disinfected sharp object.
  2. - Whoever wants to do the scarification must wear medical gloves.
  3. - Make 3 incisions in the chest, back, and in each side
  4. - Pass the protective powder in the incisions
  5. - The person who has been incised should not shower until the next day in order to avoid the risk of infection.

3- Protective amulets

A protection amulet protects us from danger and also allows us to attract a particular benefit to its owner. Amulets are meant to provide power, energy and specific benefits, they are often made at times when one believes oneself to be spiritually weak or afflicted and can be marked with words or incantations to add extra power. Simply put, a protective amulet acts as a shield against negative spells, energies and entities on all levels, spiritual, mental and physical. Amulets accompany people to protect them from danger. Thus, amulets are used to protect houses, people, families, cars and livestock. Amulets are also worn to protect people from the evil eye. Even today, all over the world the evil eye is considered a major threat and various kinds of amulets are used to avoid it.

Different amulets available

  • - Amulets against sharp weapons like knife, scalpel, etc.

  • - Amulets against witches

  • - Amulets against theft

  • - Amulets against accidents

  • - Amulets against firearms

  • - Amulets to escape from traps set by enemies

  • - Amulets to protect houses against all dangers

  • - Amulets for protection in court cases

4- Protection soap

In this soap, a mystical force is concentrated that allows its user to always come out victorious in any situation. It is also made of powder obtained after incineration of some key ingredients. It allows its user to have a qualitative and quantitative advantage over his opponent. The one who uses it always has much more financial openness and opportunity. It also attracts great luck to himself and his little family. This soap keeps away all negativity and evil spells aimed at harming you. This soap nourishes and arms your spirit against evil spells. You are safe from any bad luck.

How to prepare this protective soap

  1. - A pod of aframomum melegueta (Atakoun in Fon)
  2. - Ficus Platyphylla bark (Adité in Fon)
  3. - Mombin Plum tree leaves (Aklikon Man in Fon)
  4. - Leaves of Calotropis Procera (Amon Man in Fon)

Grind all these elements and mix them with black soap. Use this soap only on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

NB: After using this soap it is recommended to use a soap of luck. Some incantations are pronounced followed by your wishes during a shower with this soap.

5- Ring of protection

The magic protection ring is a black ring which is given all the protection powers during the preparation.

The ring of protection can be used by everyone without any distinction. It is worn on the ring finger after an activation bath which is done with the bar of soap that comes with the ring.

When you have the ring on your finger and you want to be the victim of a poisoning, the ring will signal you immediately when you take the glass or the bottle containing the poison by making your hand shake until the bottle or the container falls.

Whenever you have the ring on your finger and you are in danger or an accident is approaching, the ring signals this by frequent burning. When this is severe the ring will heat up to blacken on your finger. Have a powerful protection ring to ensure your protection in any situation. The use of a voodoo protection ring is a voodoo shielding possibility available to everyone. You don't need to feel threatened by spells before adopting the use of the magic protection ring.


The preparation of the ring of magic protection of the great marabout fetishist is done only on Holy Thursdays and this in the presence of a small boy initiated in the convent to carry out the ritual. The boy must have certain characteristics and be in the lineage of the convent. The preparation of the ring of powerful magic protection is done with two specific animals whose blood and certain organs are used.

The use of the blood of these animals in the preparation of the ring of protection allows to use their power of predation and protection. Also during the preparation of the ring of protection it is pronounced incantatory words of the black magic of the Voodoo cult and prayers of the divinatory geomancy Fâ. It can be used by everyone and you must have it on your finger at all times. However, there are certain prohibitions that must be respected in order for the magic protection ring to function properly.

It is forbidden to have two people use the instrument in a row. The power of the ring is renewed every year by a purification ritual with the Yêman leaf.

Peace Spells

6- Voodoo protection fetishes

To be safe from bad spells, we can also recommend you to entrust yourself to fetishes to have their protections. There are many fetishes whose main role is to protect any being who comes to ask for their protection. The fetish is a god. Its concretization obeys a very precise ritual, aiming first at offering a solid base, then at attracting the supernatural entity (divine, in this case), and finally at activating it through food. Any making of a fetish is prescribed by a religious authority (bokonon, fazoumè, etc.) or prompted by an interpreted event. We have many fetishes that deal with the protection of the being. Among others we have :

The Gou deity

The Gou deity is symbolized by a piece of iron on a lump of earth at the foot of a specific tree. This species plays a great role in sanctification or in neutralizing curses. It also protects against accidents. Its anger causes fatal and bloody accidents. To benefit from the protection of the god Gou, a rooster is often sacrificed to him, preferably with bright red plumage to evoke his taste for blood.

The Thron deity

Each holder of this fetish builds his cult as he wishes, acquiring it when he wishes or inheriting it directly from his father, while respecting certain symbolic and practical bases of the original cult.

Thron-Alafia is known throughout the Gulf of Guinea coastline for its anti-sorcery power, its therapeutic power in matters of fertility, its protection in all conditions and its capacity to act in the fields of social success and financial prosperity. The cult of this fetish is made up of impressive offerings of kola nuts. - The deity is materialized by a mound of these same nuts (whole) in the middle of a circular enclosure made of plaster or whitewashed concrete. The main characteristic of such a construction is that it is built and improved according to the power of the holder and his financial means. In other words, the higher the hounnogan rises in rank, thanks to the success of his magico-religious activities and his notoriety, the more he is financially able and entitled, in relation to the custom, to enlarge the masonry dedicated to the fetish, to consolidate it, to embellish it with additions of tiles, sometimes even up to the temple ceiling. The deity called Thron is a protective god, a direct messenger of the Creator, a spirit of benevolence. Thron is a god who protects his followers from all attacks by evil forces. He grants them everything they wish to have, provided they believe in him. Belief alone is not enough. "Every follower of the Thron must be honest, pure and truthful. And, according to this, wearing white symbolizes the state of honesty, purity and truth. Hence the requirement for Thron followers to wear white.

The deity GBADOU the protective god.

Thanks to his power, no evil resists him and he fights for all when he is called upon. It is the entity that is used for the initiations of Fâ according to the principle of ANAGO Fâ. After initiation into the Fâ according to the principle of ANAGO Fâ, you are directly attached to the entity through your Fâ. It is an entity that provides protection and prosperity. There are some principles and prohibitions that should be respected once you are initiated into the ANAGO Fâ principle. Only initiated men have access to this fetish. A very specific initiation rite is carried out. One does not have access to it without having first put a few drops of a specific portion on the eyes. Seen with the naked eye this fetish automatically destroys your eyes.


Vodoun kinninsi whose macabre works come from the Middle Ages.

Consisting of a deity who is materialized by a canary on the ground on which red oil has been poured, the vodoun "kinninsi" is historically a social practice specific to certain communities. Associated with this practice is an altar where rituals for healing child fever are performed, and evocations specific to this Vodoun by those initiated into the said communities. The Vodoun "Kinninsi" has the power to make all your desires come true whatever the field: professional, love, wealth, health, revenge .... All you have to do is to perform the requested rituals and make your request to the Vodoun and he will execute the spell in less than 24 hours without the possibility of making it inoperative. It is therefore a very dangerous Vodoun that should not be at the disposal of a person without faith or law.

The Gambada deity

The deity Gambada is considered the mother of all voodoo and is the source from which all other deities draw their power.

Gambada is solicited daily to solve many problems, concerning sterility of women for example, and protection against evil spells. Gambada is known as the voodoo specialist for protection against evil spells.

7- Incantations of protection

These are verbal formulas, oral or written, which constitute the most widespread spiritual means of protection. In one category of prayers, the intervention of the Virgin Mary or a saint was insistently requested. Beforehand, powders specifically designed for incantations are used. In Benin we have incantations against wizards, mystical and physical attacks, against the evil eye and evil spirits, against accidents and danger, against thieves and robbers. These formulas must be pronounced under certain conditions.

8- Protection against witchcraft

To fight evil spells, you have to be stronger than them: you have to have enough strength of character to resist their attacks, to send them back to them and to defeat them by wear and tear. Thus, the reviver called to the rescue often has to use the same methods as he does. It is recommended to use protection spells. The remedy of protection against witchcraft is to recite abundantly the incantations of protection in the morning and evening. Above all, it is necessary to trust the fetishes and to choose a good protection spell.

How to ensure the proper functioning of a voodoo protection spell

The proper functioning of a protection spell depends on certain conditions. The advice listed here will help you to fulfill the conditions for the good functioning of voodoo protection spells.

  1. 1- You must believe in the voodoo protection spells: The strength of the spells is the ability to the one who wants to execute them to believe in them. Beginners doubt a lot but if you believe in it, you already have an 80% chance of success.
  2. 2- You must consult the Fa to know which voodoo protection spell you should use: Consulting the divinatory art of the Fa allows you to know exactly which protection spells to use to help you defeat your enemies.
  3. 3- You must purify yourself before using protection spells: In all traditions purification is very important. This allows you to be in direct tune with the elements of nature. It also acts as a catalyst.
  4. 4- You must choose the right ingredients for the spells: You must not look at the price or the difficulty of gathering the ingredients for the spells. Please choose them well.
  5. 5- You must avoid having sexual intercourse 24 hours before the performance: Your sexual energy must be intact and well concentrated. This allows the spells to work even faster.
  6. 6- You must be assisted by an experienced person: You must be assisted by someone who is a specialist in order to avoid making mistakes and to make sure that the rituals work properly.

When to use a protection spell

First of all, it's good to know that there are different protection spells. My spells of protection are made not to undergo the spell of which you are victim but also to protect you against many negative acts emanating from others such as can be the jealousy, the contempt or the verbal attacks. Only usable, these spells of protection will avoid many problems in your everyday life. Note that other white magic spells can more specifically protect a person around you or a house.

Why do a protection ritual and protection spell ?

  1. - Protect your person
  2. - Protect another person
  3. - Protect a place
  4. - Protect an object

It can help us harmonize our lives, manage energies that can interfere with us or a place. This is a very requested spell, we often feel the need to protect ourselves, especially the hypersensitive people, with strong empathy, who feel the energies, or when we practice rituals Wiccan, witchcraft or shamanic trips. I strongly urge you, just like purification, to use protection to accompany you in your practice. Beyond protecting yourself, it will help you develop your faculties, meditation for example.

What are the signs that can push us to do a voodoo protection spell

When we are victims of bad spells from enemies and sorcerers, our body and our natural protections are triggered. Very often there are signs that present themselves to us. And when we know these signs we react quickly by using protection spells. We can note among others :

  • - important fatigue;

  • - disabling migraines and frequent discomfort

  • - severe sleep disturbance;

  • - intense back pain and sensation;

  • - chest pain

  • - recurrent skin itching

  • - loss of appetite;

  • - unpleasant and painful sensations of heavy legs and tingling in the fingers

  • - depression;

  • - loss of libido;

  • - nervousness, aggressiveness;

  • - isolation and withdrawal;

  • - general deterioration of one's living environment, observable only a few weeks or months after the first symptoms appear.

  • - unpleasantness that is out of the ordinary (sudden and unexplained invasion of insects,...);

  • - accidents of everyday life (car, domestic, ...);

  • - bad luck and misfortune (financial problems, loss of job); emotional dramas that disrupt a whole life (break-up in love)

All you need to know about voodoo protection spells

Are Voodoo protection spells real and do they work?

Yes, Voodoo protection spells are real and work quickly. When it comes to protecting yourself don't worry.

How long does a Voodoo protection spell take to work?

Protection spells work automatically. When it comes to protection there is no such thing as slow.

Can I cast Voodoo protection spells at home?

Yes, you can cast voodoo protection spells at home. But you should be accompanied by an expert in the field.

When is the best time to cast a voodoo protection spell?

You can cast protection spells on any day. But some protection spells require that they be used on certain days, at certain times and under certain conditions.

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